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We are BACK!

We know ya’ll have been missing us over the last couple of months. We appreciate you letting us know about it! Well, we’re back, and better than ever!

We’ve got some changes to our lineup that we thought you’d like to know about. As you probably know, We spend most winters in the kitchen playing mad scientist, and this one was no different!

We’ve got plenty of new flavors to tell you about and some to let you know about that are going away (plus there’s another special announcement at the end!).

But before we get to that, we have a serious subject to discuss…

Effects the Current Crisis is Having on Us

WARNING: We usually don’t do this, but this is about to get personal and it’s hard to write. Here goes:

This year was supposed to be a big year for us. It was supposed to be our biggest year ever. We’ve invested heavily in supplies, ingredients, and show entry fees. I won’t be so brash as to throw out a number, but suffice it to say we are heavily invested.

Now with this national crisis upon us, all the shows we have ramped up for are canceling. We understand why, it just happens to be the worst possible timing for us.

We wanted to be there for you guys. We kept hearing, “wish you were at this show,” or “why did you skip us this year?” So we decided to go all-in and DO THEM ALL!

Now, after we have already had all these expenditures, all of the shows are canceled for at least the next couple of months. And while some of the shows (not all) are offering refunds, much of our travel expenses are non-refundable. That’s not to mention the fact that we no longer have an in-person avenue to sell our inventory.

We are devastated.

If there is any possible way that you can show your support for what we do, now is the time. We would GREATLY appreciate it if you took the time to browse our shop or check out the new/outgoing flavors below and see if there’s anything you’d like to pick up.

Any purchase large or small will help our family get through the tough times that lay ahead.

We will be eternally grateful.

New Flavors!

Beef Jerky Ok, well maybe it’s not exactly NEW, but as you may know, we had some problems with a supplier for a couple of the ingredients. All of that is worked out now, so it is back for good!

Key Largo Key Lime This one is by popular demand. Key lime has always been the most requested dessert flavor by far. We’ve never created one before because, well quite frankly, we’re not crazy about key lime pies ourselves. But through loads of taste testing with a lot of key lime lovers (we’ve made a lot of friends), we have a winner! We have a key lime flavor that everyone will enjoy!

Momma’s Pecan Pie Many of you may remember this flavor, but it’s been a few years since we made any. And trust me, we’ve heard about it! So, being the crowd-pleasers we are, we’re bringing it back! All you folks in South Georgia can thank us later. ūüėČ

Chicken Pot Pie We debuted this one last October in Gatlinburg. It has been such a hit that it has made it into the regular lineup!

Toasted Coconut– It’s springtime and that means back with the bright flavors!

Discontinued Flavors:

Well, we had to make room somehow. We’ve found that having more than 30 flavors at a time is simply too overwhelming. When we create new flavors, others must go. If you find anything on this list that is on your favorites list, you might want to nab them up, because when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Banana Cream This one may make a re-appearance at some point, but if it does, it’ll be a while. For now, it’s gotta go to make way for Momma’s Pecan Pie

Sinful Cinnamon Obviously with creating the new Key Largo Key Lime, another dessert had to be taken off. This one may be back in the fall, but, gone for now. Maybe forever. Who knows?

Pun’kin This has been a seasonal flavor for several years now. This time it may be gone for good. We really haven’t decided yet.

Spinach Artichoke “Spin art going away? WHAT???” Yes. I know it is a bit shocking, but keep in mind we still have spinach parmesan. With Chicken Pot Pie coming in, we had to make room. We just couldn’t justify having two spinach dips. Since spin parm is more popular, it’s the one that stays!

Monthly Contests Are Back!

You may remember our monthly contests, where we gave away 5 dips to one lucky winner every month. Well, it’s back, bigger and better! This time, we are giving away a $50 gift card to the website!

Now, remember the reason we do these contests is to spread the word about our dips. While it’s not a requirement, we’d GREATLY appreciate it if you continued through the contest entry process to the point of sharing the contest and say what you think about our dips when you share. It helps a lot!

To enter this month’s contest, simply click here! You may have to click “get started” to begin.