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A Brand New Fundraiser

Your community is tired of buying unhealthy cookie dough and overpriced tumblers. It’s time to give them a reasonably priced, natural product they will enjoy AND buy more of next season! With this fundraiser, it’ll do great the first time because of the price, but it’ll do even BETTER the second time because of the quality of the product! Many of our schools run it once in the fall and once in the spring for maximum effectivity!

Two Ways to Participate!

While we offer a great pamphlet for students to sell from just as any normal fundraiser, we also offer special affiliate links. This way, if the standard fundraiser structure doesn’t fit your organization, you can send out links to an email list or on social media. Your organization gets a commission from each sale made through your link!

Whichever method you choose, we’re here to help you meet your goals!

Hey, y’all! I’m Shanna Wyatt.

Around six years ago, I started making dips to serve at parties. People loved them so much, they wanted me to make them some. So, I developed a way to give the dips as a mix so I could give them as gifts.

Folks still couldn’t get enough and started offering to buy them from me. That’s when Chadwick’s Naturals was born.

What began as a hobby has now grown into an obsession. 

My three original recipes have now grown into 55+ delicious creations!

It has now become my personal mission to ensure that each and every person can create gourmet-quality foods with very little effort.

Together with my husband Jason and my 9 year old son (and yes, sometimes even the 2 year old), we create little packets of joy.

Then we provide these delicious dip mixes as fundraisers for community organizations as far and wide around this country as possible!

We look forward to helping you meet your fundraising goals!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the commission structure?

If you opt to do a traditional fundraiser, your organization will be able to keep 50% of the overall sales! That means if you only had 20 sellers who just sold 10 each, your organization makes $500! You can see how simple that is and how quickly it can add up, but what you’ll find is that with our price point, your sellers will be able to make many sales easily!

If you choose to have your customers order from our webiste, your organization will be paid a 25% commission on sales.

What are the requirements to run your fundraiser?

Our requirement is quite simple. We require a minimum order of 100 dips. This is an easy order to acheive, even with a small number of participants. Even with as few as five participants, they would only have to sell 20 each! Just make sure of a couple things:

  1. Try your best to know for sure who will participate. There’s nothing worse than counting on someone who doesn’t come through in the end.
  2. You will need to keep in mind that the smaller the group you have, the more motivated they will have to be. The smaller the group, the higher the requirement per participant.
What is the turnaround time for your products?

We pride ourselves on fast and accurate service. Once you turn in your order to us, we guarantee a three week turn around, and are usually able to ship your order in under two weeks.

If you choose the affiliate program, your customers will have their products within days.

How will my product be delivered?

If you choose to participate in our traditional fundraiser, your product will be delivered as one bulk order and will need to be sorted out before being handed out to your participants.

If you choose the affiliate program, we will ship the customer’s order directly to them!

How does the whole process work?

Traditional method:

We try to make the fundraising process as easy and smooth as possible for everyone involved. Once you are approved to run the fundraiser, we will discuss how many brochures you will need. I will ship these out to you at a cost of $0.15 per brochure. You run your fundraiser when you choose. The only thing we will concern ourselves with is the order due date. On this date, the order we receive from you will be final, with no modifications allowed. This is also the date your payment is due. You will remit half of your proceeds to pay for your product and keep the rest for your organization! This is where we get to work and you get to sit back and relax for a while. Not too long, though! Your order will arrive quickly! Once you receive your order, you will need to sort it out to distribute to your participants. You’re done! Now to start planning the next fundraiser!

Affiliate program:

Simply apply by filling out the form below. We will contact you to set up your account.

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