Hey, y’all! I’m Shanna Wyatt.

Back around 2013, I started making dips to serve at parties. People loved them so much, they wanted me to make them some. So, I developed a way to give the dips as a mix so I could give them as gifts.

Folks still couldn’t get enough and started offering to buy them from me. That’s when Chadwick’s Naturals was born.

What began as a hobby has now grown into an obsession. 

My three original recipes have now grown into 55+ delicious creations!

It has now become my personal mission to ensure that each and every person can create gourmet-quality foods with very little effort.

Together with my husband Jason and my 11 year old son (and yes, sometimes even the 4 year old), we create little packets of joy. Then we travel from town to town spreading that joy as far and wide around this country as possible!

We look forward to serving you!

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